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Magic can be messy!


Twelve-year-old foster child Nova is a talented artist, but has never had a real home. Now she’s dragged into the middle of nowhere to live with a guarded painter named Mr. Russell in his ramshackle farmhouse. Upon exploring the attic, Nova unearths the most profound mystery of all - a handcrafted magical easel that brings paintings to life. 


She puts her artist skills to the test and gets caught up in a whirlwind adventure, complete with rainbow butterflies, a devious leprechaun, and a journey to the rainforest. Amidst the chaos, Nova stumbles upon the details of Mr. Russell’s broken past - just when she thought she could trust him! After a catastrophic argument, Nova must follow her heart if she wishes to learn the true meaning of home.

(Published through Artemesia Publishing/Kinkajou Press)

Loophole Temp Cover.jpg


“Why couldn’t you just keep your mouth shut?”

Maybelline “Maybe” Reed has stuck to a strict set of rules since Mama left five years ago: neatness matters, avoid boys at all costs, and absolutely no talking aloud. She’s convinced by being good she will coax Mama back into her life. When her therapist suggests she confront her anxiety and OCD, Maybe must do the unthinkable: enter sixth grade at a public middle school.

Maybe meets a sixth grade boy named Oliver and, after a rocky start, breaks one of her rules when they become friends. But then she discovers her safe haven and last remaining link to Mama, the Salem Public Library, is scheduled to close for good. Maybe pledges to save the library with Oliver’s help, but is she brave enough to go through with their ambitious plan and possibly lose Mama forever? She can either obey her anxiety’s repetitive demands or use her long-lost voice to finally make a difference.

(Publishing through Artemesia Publishing/Kinkajou Press in 2025)

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